RTO Partnerships

Performance Training focuses on providing the right training for your business. As an RTO partner, Performance Training can offer assistance with:

  • Navigating the vocational education and training (VET) system
  • Aligning business strategy with HR needs, and competency based training and assessment
  • Managing the administrative and reporting processes required for training
  • Accessing training that is flexible and customised to your business
  • Formal recognition of current skills and knowledge of your workforce
  • Facilitating compliance with a range of enterprises, government, community and training providers
  • Building value cases for training implementation or funding applications
  • Identifying sources of public/private funding
  • Developing and delivering in-house non-accredited training

If you would like to talk about the potential for Performance Training to support your business through training and/or assessment, assisting with the development of career pathways for staff and upskilling existing workers, contact us at:

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